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Off-Road: Turn Your Stock Car Into a Trailblazing Machine

It takes a lot of time and dedication to properly outfit your vehicle to become the ultimate off-road adventure machine. Some folks may be falsely under the impression that they have to purchase an entirely new car. Depending on what's already in your garage, you may be able to turn your humble suburban utility vehicle into a trailblazing off-road machine! In the wake of being stuck inside for months from covid-19 , what sounds better than checking off the bucket-list your lifelong dream of tearing up the off-road with a worthy machine. There are a few key things you will need if you’re going to engage in any type of serious off-roading. There are also some bells and whistles we will mention for those more accustomed to the off-road lifestyle. People may want to upgrade their vehicles for a variety of reasons. For some, off-road modifications may be a seasonal necessity that prevents them from being stuck in snow for months on end. For others, it is purely recreational. Some people simply want a way to safely drive to remote locations for a beautiful, quiet, and peaceful camping trip with the family. Others have driving safely as the absolute last thing on their mind. They intend to bang up their vehicle and subject it to the maximum amount of punishment. After all, why not? Somebody should be testing the limits of the automobile.

Whether you are new to off-roading or are an experienced off-roader, we have assembled a few ideas, tips, and tricks to help you tackle the best way to get your car out of the city. Get back out into nature and enjoy the simple things; just make sure you do so in the right direction and, even more importantly, safely. It is easy to see what your options are with a little due diligence.

What Are Some Basic Ways To Enhance My Off-Road Game?

The off-road wheel is off-road wheels. This is necessary to change your car's center of gravity and make it more suited to the conditions it will face while off-roading. The next thing you will most certainly need is all-terrain tires. The normal road tires made for daily driving on paved and established roads are only not going to cut it where you’re going. The all-terrain tires are more expensive, but they will allow your car to gain a better grip on the looser surfaces that unpaved routes and rock crawling will inevitably be riddled with. Big brand tire manufacturers are probably the safest and easiest best but don’t deter yourself from bargain hunting at smaller retailers if you have the time or need to be considerate of budget. You can expect to pay around $1,000 give or take for a good set of tires that will be useful for off-roading.

The next thing you need to have just for safety's sake is a bolt-on recovery point. This will ensure you will not be left in the middle of anywhere to walk home. This bolt will give your vehicle the ability, either through its self-propulsion or through the help it received from another car, to never be trapped because of a temporary mistake. The price of these will vary based on quality. Lower echelon products will cost around $40, while a quality rig will run you well over $100. Compare and contrast prices before committing to anything.

Also, install a skid plate. This is essential to protecting the vehicle's vulnerable underbelly during your excursions. This is even more necessary for cars that have low ground clearance. This is one item that you cannot switch between brands on. Skid plates have to be outfitted explicitly to your make and model due to differences in the dimensions of the bottom of the vehicle. If your car is too low, you might consider lifting it before putting the skid plate on. This can also add a fresh aesthetic to your vehicle. Skid plates vary in price by make and model but will generally be a couple of hundred dollars. If you need to improve your ground clearance, it is suggested that you lift your car first. Ground clearance is one of the significant differences a vehicle will often need to achieve before being able to off-road. The ground clearance required on paved roads is much less than on wild paths where there may be little or no paving. Lifting your vehicle ensures it is high enough to clear the most significant obstacles.

What is the purpose of your off-roading? Is it the journey or the destination? Some people may be less focused on the journey and driving and more focused on using their vehicle to get to a remote location. You can install a hitch to attach a trailer so you can bring a mobile domicile with you. There are also a multitude of new customizations that you may be able to fit your specific vehicle. If you want a site that simply allows you to enter the make and model of your car and then see what off-road accessories are available for it, then simply go to 121 auto. They can help you with all of the following for your particular make and model!

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What If I’m Buying A New Car?

If you are particularly buying a vehicle for its prowess at off-road, then there are a few brands of cars that stick out. Jeeps are the classic American off-road vehicle and have a wide array of options available for customization. Today's SUVs come a lot better equipped for off-road driving then they used to be, but you can still kick it up a few notches quickly with some investment in the proper customization.

What if you get stuck out there alone, and there's no one to pull you out. A winch can get you out of situations that you don’t want to be in. Trust us, and If you're off-roading, it is ALWAYS better to have a winch. Jeep has a lot of add-on products that can tailor your individual For example, if you’re buying a model of car that may already have a lift kit. One thing you could do is to buy a superior suspension system to whatever you have stock, which can be quite a good investment. The heavier the springs, the better, mainly if you’re aiming to do some seriously intense driving.

If you’re going to be getting crazy, then there's no avoiding it, you are going to have a barrel straight through some obstacle now and then. If you want this experience to result in a happy ending, you should get a bull bar. Like the front of a train engine, this is designed to help your car barge through whatever it has to negotiate to keep going. This is an absolute essential for those of you who just can’t get enough action on the road.

Are you going to be off-roading at night where it will be dusty? This can easily overwhelm standard car lights. If you’re going to be engaging in this kind of activity, you might as safely be doing it safely. We don’t want to upset your wife, so please also buy a light bar. These are enormous and powerful lights lined up and placed at the top of your car. This will give you increased mobility and visibility at night.

For those of you who simply have an insatiable desire to go where no vehicle has ever gone, we know you're going to want something that sounds ridiculous but is not a snorkel for your car. This is used to allow your vehicle to continue operating by ensuring even if you’re going through deep water, the engine's air intake will not be compromised. This is essential for those of you who are the most hardcore. The other thing that this item will protect from is heavy dust entering the mixture of air and fuel that goes into your engine. This will significantly damage your engine if you get other high-performance modifications to your car like air filters that increase the horsepower and take it in a dusty area. Without additional protection, you might permanently damage your engine.

Off-roading is not just for one purpose. There are all sorts of new customizations. Maybe you are a roamer and want to use your car as a mobile camping platform. They have car roof rack tent mounts, so you don’t have to sleep wet during a storm. You can truly create your dream off-road setup whether you're in it for tearing up the road, finding new ones or taking the family on a peaceful and secluded camping trip. Whether you have a pickup truck like the ford bronco or raptor, land rover, 4runner, jeep wrangler, jeep gladiator, Toyota land cruiser, or jeep rubicon you can find exactly what you need to assemble your perfect off-road machine at 121 autos.

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